Some Easy Wins

Some Easy Wins, posted December 20, 2014

Slowly but surely I’ve been whittling down the list of todos for this site. Today I marked off two pretty big-ticket items in adding Google Analytics and Disqus, one of which is likely very obvious already.

I tweeted out the other day that I had plans to add Google Analytics here over the weekend, only to get a reply from my pal Ben that he hoped I had other plans it should “take all of 60 seconds.

He was right. So very right. Google Analytics is about as easy as you could hope for any third-party system to be when integrating it. All of the advanced stuff will take some time, but it’s configured and tracking whatever it is that you, a reader, are doing. (Not to be creepy, or anythng.)

Since that was pretty quick and I had blocked off the afternoon to work on things, I moved onto another major want for my site: a commenting system. I didn’t do too much research on this one as I already figured that Disqus would more than handle what I wanted (turns out that was true). Diqus, like Google Analytics, is impossibly easy to install, assuming you have free reign to add some HTML and Javascript to your site. Disqus even features a number of easy-integration options for the likes of Squarespace, Wordpress, Drupal, etc. The only way I could imagine that being easier is if someone just dit it for me, but that’s not my style.

Anyhow, maybe I’ll take the afternoon off and play some Madden, feeling accomplished for getting two things lopped off the todo list in such short order.

Who am I kidding? Back to work!

Onward and upward forever,