Trials and Errors

Trials and Errors, posted September 9, 2014

168 days. That’s how many days it had been between updates to this site. For me, that’s far too many days. When I decided I was going to build this site, I wanted something super crazy and over-the-top. Why wouldn’t I? Turns out that was an incredibly overzealous idea, and ended up really turning me off from making any updates since I felt like I was never making progress and the site would remain in a mostly sad state of affairs for quite a while.

In doing some reflection, it would seem that it’s been a great learning experience, despite still being far from what I’d initially set out for (and still intend to do). Some initial takeaways:

I’m sure that in adding improvements and polish along with publishing more posts I’ll come up with some more lessons, but for now that’s plenty of things considering I’ve barely made the site live and published a post.

Onward and upward! Until next time,